Efficient Windows

Efficient Windows

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Even Kitty Cats Enjoy Energy Efficiency.

Bowtie, the family cat, wore her black and white tuxedo and sat on the back of the couch and watched the outside world pass by. Bowtie was not used to this spot, the shades were always cold and if they were opened it was too hot or cold for comfort. She hid from all the activity a few days before; strangers making loud frightening noises removing the portals of light in the house. She nervously emerged and was happy with the changes. Now the dark coverings were removed from the big window and it gave warmth and light. It was as refreshing and satisfying as the girl scratching under Bowtie's chin.

Bowtie did not know anything about glass and Low-E coatings that reflect heat back into the house. She did not know anything about foam filled insulated frames, triple glazing with Argon gas, or energy efficiency. She only knew she could see out this window and it was comfortable. The humans thought so too and they were happier. Bowtie dreamed about finding them a present later.

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